Sweet Tart had recently opened when i first went. My first reaction of all the low fat frozen yogurt was.. WOW!! this is AMAZING!! Ever since then i cant help but get my daily sweet tart.

The way the place runs is self serve with 10 flavors that are in rotation and i still cant decide which one is the best. Every flavor just blows my mind. I have been to other places that are self serve such as Coldstone, Pinkberry, Yogurtland. But Coldstone cant compare to sweet tart’s low prices. And all of the other yogurt places i haven’t even been close to the flavors and toppings in Sweet Tart. Other places yogurt is slimy and gooey or the toppings aren’t as fresh as the ones in Sweet Tart.

But what really separates Sweet Tart from all places has got to be the service. The staff is just great. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The vibe i get from the restaurant is awesome. It is just a cool place to just sit with friends or get some work done while eating my sweet tart.

In my personal opinion, none can compare to Sweet Tart.

-Arturo P. from Nuevo, CA

Well what can I say, This place is so kid friendly I took my two sons yesturday and they had a BLAST choosing there toppings my hubby and I decided on the pineapple yogurt which was delicious! Over all the “customer service” was GREAT! my kids enjoyed it while watching a movie. Thanks for satifying my cravings!!! I recommeded to Prego ladies~

-Maryah L. from Riverside, CA